I am done with you, Mt St Helens!

Top of Mt St Helens, photo by @seattlebred 
Well, I climbed Mt St Helens again. I climbed it last year around the same time, and I probably swore then I didn’t need to climb it again. But here I am doing another write up on it, because I hiked it again. (Here’s last year’s write up) But with this being my 2nd go at it, I learned from last year’s mistakes, tweaked the itinerary a bit, planned things a little differently this time, and I would say, second time around went way better than the first time! (also last year, I hiked it with my big toenail hanging off my toe and I had just taped it down because I was told not to rip it off so this year with no bum toe, it went WAY better AND I avoided dairy for 3 days leading up to the big day, my stomach felt great! Maybe TMI lol) 

Hiking Saturday vs. Sunday
The biggest change I made from last year vs. this year was that last year we hiked Helens on a Saturday versus this year we opted for a Sunday. Hiking Helens on a Saturday was so hard on u…

Adventures on the Olympic Peninsula

Top of Mt Storm King overlooking Lake Crescent
I have been so busy these past 2 months, I haven’t had time to sit down and write a full blog post. My last post was about snow camping that happened in beginning of March. Since then, I backpacked Ancient Lakes a couple weeks later for our annual spring backpacking trip (I was planning on doing a write up on this, but decided against it. It was our 3rd trek out there, so if you want more info, read my previous 2 blog posts about the area here), and then April kicked off my month of “too many trips planned”.
Don’t get me wrong, each trip was a blast and I loved visiting all the places I went, but traveling takes a toll on your body, especially with the extreme time differences! Within 3 weeks I traveled to Hawaii, Hong Kong, and Idaho. I spent the first week of April in Hawaii celebrating my big 3-0. Then 6 days later I flew to Hong Kong for a week to hang out with my mom for her birthday; and less than 48 hours after I landed from Hong …

PNWOW: Mt Rainier Snow Camping

Mt. Rainier on a blue bird day   Last weekend, I went snow camping again with the PNW Outdoor Women’s group (PNWOW). I went last winter and had such an amazing time; I signed myself up again for it this year. This time around, I brought along my friend Kaelee! She had never been snow camping before, and last time she went camping with me, she was miserably cold… so not sure why she agreed to go with me this time, but I am glad she did! (Read about her experience here.)

The Thursday and Friday before our trip, I spent time prepping and packing after work. Thursday, I picked up snow socks (similar to tire chains) for Kaelee’s Subaru since Mt Rainier National Park requires you to have tire traction in the winter, even if you have AWD/4WD, and Friday I picked up an America the Beautiful pass (aka annual national park pass), since the one I had been using expired. Both items are on the pricier side, but worth it.

Tire socks ran us about $100, we got them from Les Schwab though, and the…