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MLK Weekend in LA (Rocky Peak, Veterans Park, & Claremont 5 Mile Loop)

Rocky Peak at sunrise Dates traveled: 1/12/18-1/15/18
I found out a couple months ago that my friends Melanie and Ken, who live in Germany, were going to be in California December/January, and knew I had to fly down to LA to see them! A quick check of my Alaska miles, and saw I had enough points for a free ticket, flight instantly booked! I also reserved a car on for the weekend when I booked my flight. Which I like doing that on because you don’t have to pay ahead of time, and can pay the day you get the car; but then a few weeks prior I checked Costco Travel, and found a cheaper car rental through them! So I canceled my Priceline reservation and went with Costco, free cancellations too! ($100 for 4 day car rental, tax included. Costco Travel also offers free reservations, pay at time you get car)
The week before my trip, I messaged Mel & Ken, and asked if they would want to go on some runs with me since I am currently training for a 15K. The response…