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Conquering Mount Adams

Heading up South Climb to Mt Adams Hiking Mt Adams came on my radar back in February of this year. I had heard prior that this mountain was non-technical, and hikeable with minimum gear and very beginner mountaineering skills. I always say, as long as it's non-technical, I am game to hike it. (Non-technical, meaning I do not have to rope in and wear a helmet when hiking. Mt Rainier is a technical mountain, which I don't really have any interest in climbing as of right now) Anyways, a group was formed and a date was set back in February to climb Adams for July. But as time past and summer caught up to all of us, that original group fell apart and the event was canceled. I wasn't actually that bummed at first because I have had such a busy summer and having a weekend's plan canceled cut me a break. But then I climbed Mt St Helens in June, and that inkling to climb Adams came back. Then some people I knew climbed Adams and posted pictures, which made me want to climb Ada…

Backpacking: Copper Ridge to Egg Lake & Copper Mtn Lookout

Copper Mountain Lookout
Dates Backpacked: July 28-30th, 2017 Location: North Cascades National Park
Miles hiked: 20.4 miles
Elevation Gain: over 3200 ft, but I am not too sure
Difficulty: Moderate

North Cascades National Park started a new lottery system this year with their backcountry permits. You submit a form, where you can prioritize the permits you want and put down a few backup options, pay $20, and wait to hear back a few weeks later. Doing an overnight at Sahale Arm was my first choice and I didn't get it. Copper Ridge was my backup and I was kind of bummed at first when I secured an overnight permit for Egg Lake on the Copper Ridge Loop instead. I mean, none of my friends had really heard about it. No one was envious I got this backcountry permit for some random lake. But looking back, I'm really happy I got the Egg Lake permit and got to experience something I didn't know existed out there till now. Also, one of my other friend's secured a Sahale Arm permi…