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Backpacking: The Enchanted Valley

The Enchanted Valley Chalet
Dates hiked: Friday September 15 - Sunday September 17, 2017
Location: Enchanted Valley in Olympic National Park
Miles Hiked: 32.5 miles
Elevation Gain: >2000 ft
Notable things we saw: Enchanted Valley Chalet and the world's oldest Western Hemlock (it's a tree)
Permits & Passes: Walk-up permit can be obtained at the ranger station for $8/per person, per night. National Park parking pass needed. No cap on the walk-up permits for this trail!
Bear Canisters needed

Goal: Enchanted Valley
We originally had permits to hike the Enchantments 9/14-9/16, but the week before we were supposed to go, I got a call from (the website you book the permits through), and got a recording saying they had cancelled all Enchantments permits from September 3-16, 2017 due to the forest fires and trail closures. I was completely bummed! We had been looking forward to this backpacking trip all summer. Sarina, Cody, and I had already requested time off with wor…

48 Hours in Banff National Park

Moraine Lake

I really wanted to go to Banff this year. So I made it happen.
Here's a break down of how much it cost for us. I went with Cody and Euzel, so know some expenses were split 3 ways.

We rented a car for 4 days: $211
Tunnel Mountain Campground Fees x2 nights: $68.49
Gas to drive 1500+ miles: around $150
For the necessities total: $429.49 (divide that by 3 = $143.16 per person)

Factor in some money for meals and food (since we camped, we made 2 breakfasts and 1 dinner at camp to keep cost down), you can visit Banff for around $200 the way we did it! You can cut the cost down even more, if you take your own car (we didn't want to put the mileage on our own so we rented), and if you cook every meal at camp, and not go to restaurants (which we ate out 3 times). Banff is doable on any budget! (We also didn't spend any money on gondola rides or tours since we had my boyfriend's dog with us. The trails and the national park itself are dog friendly though! Just not t…

WA Mountains vs CA Mountains

Summit of Whitney - October 2015

Mt Hitchcock from the Whitney Trail
The 99 switchbacks on Whitney Half Dome - September 2015 After I summited Mt Adams a few weekends ago, I got asked "What was harder, summiting Mt Adams or Mt Whitney?" I had to think about it, because I'm actually not sure what was harder. The two mountains are challenging in different ways. Longer distance vs steeper shorter mountain. Two other hikes I would categorize on my "harder hikes" list with Mt Adams and Mt Whitney are Half Dome and Mt. St. Helens. Here are some of the stats of the 4 hikes compared:
Mt. Whitney Mt. Adams Half Dome Mt. St. Helens Location: Sequoia National Park in California Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington Yosemite National Park in California Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington Distance Round Trip: 22 miles 12 miles 17 miles 12 miles Elev