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Muir Woods & More

First things first. Coffee stop. Iced mint mojito coffee yummmm

REI Garage Sale

I feel like I shouldn't be posting about it. That the REI Garage Sale should not be written about, so that the less people who know about it, the less people there are at the sale.... I mean, if you are a dedicated REI member, you already know what I am talking about. But I feel like I need to share my experience this time around because it was such a memorable one.

My preparation for the San Diego REI Garage Sale started five days before the actual sale. As I was browsing my junk email, I came across one from REI, their monthly events calendar. I usually just skim it, because usually nothing catches my interest, but the one thing that always catches my eye on those calendars are the garage sales, and, yes! There was a garage sale listed for the upcoming weekend (Turns out there were actually 2 garage sales last weekend, the one in Chula Vista was Saturday, and the San Diego one was Sunday.)

So first things first, check Tizzy's work calendar (she sends me a screenshot once a m…