Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Muir Woods & More

First things first. Coffee stop. Iced mint mojito coffee yummmm
Phil B in the forest
Monkey in the forest
Muir Woods
Can't get enough 
Look up!
Stairway to heaven?
Phil B!
Do you spot Phil B?
Hiking through Muir Woods
Took the Ben Johnson Loop
Hug a tree:)
Muir Woods National Monument 
Lunch at Great China General Tsao's Chicken
The main event: Serg's Company Christmas Party
Quick stop at Pyramid Lake to take in the view
Road trip buddies!

     On this trip, Sergio and I visited Berkeley, hiked Muir Woods, and went to his company party in the city of Byron. This trip came about when my friend Sergio needed a road trip buddy/date for the weekend, and since I had no plans I agreed to go! 
    We drove up Friday December 11, 2015 and got to Berkeley pretty late, a lil after midnight. We stayed at my friend Phil B's place the first night. After throwing back some beers and catching up with Phil, we went to bed a little before 2 am, pretty late since we were planning on getting up at 7 am the following morning to go explore Muir Woods. 

    We drove through San Francisco, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, and hit the trails the following morning. It was such a cool experience being among the tall redwoods once we got to Muir Woods! We did a 5-6 mile loop via Dipsea to Ben Johnson. After our hike, we grabbed lunch at Great China in Berkeley and hit the road for Byron shortly after for his company party and to check into the local hotel. 

   The company party was at Leer Vineyards. It was a blast! It definitely made me miss working for a smaller company where there's one big boss showing his employees his appreciation for them. It looked like everyone else was having a great time too. Buzzed off glasses of Moscato and IPA, the night ended with us passing out like logs since we were drunk and sleep deprived lol. 

   We hit the road the following morning for home. It was raining, we almost ran out of gas, but we got home in one piece eventually. Quick, short weekend getaway but it was fun times.

Until next time NorCal!

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