Tuesday, August 23, 2016

1 Burrough, 2 Burrough, 3 Burrough, 4..... oh wait that's Rainier?!

Right before the sun rose at 5:55 am
 Snow fields in August
Hot Cocoa & tea in these handy dandy Fossilz cups
 Going up 3rd Burroughs
 Paul brought treats!
Mt Rainier National Park
 Didn't realize we were so close to Rainier!
 Mt Rainier
 This is what happens when you start at 2:30 am
 The crew
Candid moment

Date hiked: Saturday August 6, 2016
Trail & Location: Burroughs Mountain Trail in Mt Rainier NP, Sunrise Visitor Center
Mileage: 9 miles out and back
Elevation gain: 2600 ft
Difficulty: a lil hard

The start of August kicks off a month of hiking, backpacking, and/or camping every weekend to the lead up of our big backpacking trip at the Enchantments Labor Day weekend. Hiking Burroughs Mountain was the first on the list of August. Originally, the plan was to car camp near Sunrise Visitor Center, then hike out early morning. Well, then Sarina got it stuck in my head that we should do Burroughs Mountain as a sunrise hike.... sunrise was at 5:55 am that Saturday. Which then lead to our plans changing from car camping the night before, to driving out at midnight from Seattle to get to trailhead at 2:30 am.... here's a quick estimation rundown of how our night/day went:

12:00 AM- 2 cars, 7 ppl total, leave Seattle for Sunrise Visitor Center
2:15 AM- both cars arrive at Sunrise
2:45 AM- we hit the trail head
5:55 AM- we are 4+ miles in on 3rd Burroughs when sunrise hits
10:30 AM- back at our cars at trail head
12:00 PM- brunch at the Kettle in Enumclaw
2:30 PM- back in Seattle

Burroughs Mountain Trail consists of 3 small mountains labeled 1st Burroughs, 2nd Burroughs, and 3rd Burroughs. We hiked 1st and 2nd Burroughs in the dark. We were hiking up 3rd Burroughs when the sun started rising. While on 3rd, we also saw a herd of goats! First time seeing wild goats on the trail. We ended up posting up on the side of 3rd Burroughs for a while, making coffee and breakfast, taking pictures, and just enjoying the moment. The hike back was pretty easy going with easy conversation among the group.

The hardest part about this hike was probably the lack of sleep we all were suffering from. But it made for a good adventure hiking in the dark, through ice fields and snow patches. Will I be doing another sunrise hike anytime soon? Probably not lol. I am glad we did it though.

Here's Sarina's write up on the hike:)

Until next time Mount Rainier!

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