Thursday, April 13, 2017

Yurtastic Weekend at Seaquest

Everything's more magical if located in a forest right?
Dates glamped: April 8-9, 2017
Location: Castle Rock,WA Seaquest State Park (about 2.5 hrs south of Seattle)
Rented: 2 Yurts (sleeps 5 each)
Off-season cost: $74/night

Just a quick write up about my birthday weekend.

I had been eyeing booking yurts in Washington since January. There's actually a number of state parks that offer yurts, cabins, and what they like to call "rustic shelters" for rent (tipis and what not). They have off season and peak season prices. Having been unsure how fast yurts book up during off season, I started looking early just in case. I ended up settling booking yurts at Seaquest State Park. They have a total of 5 yurts here. All of them were booked last weekend, but it didn't seem they went too fast because it looked like there was still availability 2 weeks prior (I had booked the yurts by mid-February).

Anyways, our yurts included heat and electricity, a futon that slept two, and a bunk bed that slept 3, so 5 total. The yurts are pretty simple, not much fuss to them. In between the 2 yurts we booked was also a covered picnic area, which came in handy when it started raining and hailing lol. Each yurt also has their own fire pit.

9 of us stayed the night in the yurts. We ate snacks, drank sangria, cooked dinner over the fire pit, and just relaxed and enjoyed each others company throughout the evening. I would definitely do something like this again! Maybe next time I'll book one of them "rustic shelters" at another state park:)

Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend! Jaclyn, Bryan, Catherine, Catherine, Katherine, Sarina, Ryan, Paul, Cody, and Euzel!

Until next time Castle Rock!

Here's the link if you want to check out the other places you can rent:

Nature Trail next to the Mt St Helens Visitor Center
 Yurt #2
 Inside of the yurt
 Thank you for the birthday cupcakes and everything else Sarina!
Boys being boys

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