Friday, June 16, 2017

Traveling to Germany

View from the tower of St Peter's Church in Munich

Cities visited in Germany: Munich, Konstanz, and Meersburg
Days spent in Germany: 8 days

I headed to Germany recently to attend a wedding of one of my closest friends. Our friendship is unique and I definitely miss the days when we spent every weekend together while she was living in California for an internship for 7 months, but now that she is married and living in Germany, it gave me an opportunity to travel to go visit! I met Melanie 12 years ago in high school when we both participated in a school exchange program. 12 years later we are still great friends. With the boyfriend and best friend in tow, off to Germany we went!

I tend to try to travel on a budget, so overall my time in Germany wasn't too expensive, but I also don't travel extravagantly. The first night we stayed in a hostel, shared co-ed room, $26/night per person. The 5 days in Konstanz we stayed with friends, and our last night before we flew out, we splurged on a hotel, but we split it 3 ways (since I was traveling with my boyfriend and best friend), the room came out under $40 per person. 

As for transportation, I like going with buses and trains. I bought our train tickets from Munich to Konstanz (145 miles apart) ahead of time, and train fare was only $26 a person. If I had waited and bought them day of, it would've been closer to $50 a person.

The wedding was so much fun! It was also the longest wedding celebration I have ever been too, it started at 3 pm and went till 4 am!

We also took a day trip to Meersburg with my friend Tessa and got to explore an old castle. It was great seeing old friends and catching up, I hadn't been back for 7 years.

Here are some photos from our time in Germany.... after a week in Germany, Tizzy and I jetted off to Croatia for 4 nights, but that's gonna be a separate post.

Until next time Germany!
New Town Hall - Marienplatz
 Two things I had in excessive amounts while in Germany: beer and bread 
One of my favorite "fast food" meals in Germany: Currywurst!

In the Munster Church Tower in Konstanz
 The weird sculptures that I will forever remember from high school that are in Konstanz
 One of the best brunches we had! Zeitlos
Another Germany fave of mine: doner kebabs!
 The pink castle! Mel & Ken's wedding venue
 The beautiful bride:)
The Americans
 Teaching the foreigners how to play corn hole haha
Who wants it!
One of the most beautiful wedding venues I have been to!
We love you MellyBelly!
 Knights in Shining Armor 
Meersburg, Germany
 German breakfast at Tessa's
Breakfast views of the lake
Playing tourists, off to Switzerland we go!

Caught the sunset last night in Konstanz at Campingplatz Sandseele

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