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Winter Car Camping & Artist Point

Mt Baker

I had heard about Artist Point for over a year now, but because of the 3+ hr one way drive to get there, I haven't really felt the need to drive that far for a day hike. But last weekend, we found the perfect weather window to snowshoe Artist Point, then car camp that night nearby.

Location: Mt Baker Ski Area, Artist Point
Distance: 4 miles R/T
Elevation Gain: 1000 ft
Gear used: Snowshoes
Parking: no permit needed
Other Info: Dogs allowed

Cody and I left Seattle around 6:30 AM last Saturday and headed north to meet up with everyone. Sarina and Ryan were coming from Mt. Vernon, and Karen was driving herself, so we agreed to meet at the Wake N Bakery in Glacier, WA. Cody and I had actually been here before this past summer, and I remembered how cute it was! This past Saturday, this place was packed at 8:30 AM. I think everyone there that day were ski bums, snowboarders, and snowshoers ready for a day in the mountains, so the spirit was high and full of excitement! We grabbed some breakfast burritos and coffee and were back on the road.

We got to the Mt Baker Ski Area and parked in the top lot around 9:30-10 am, strapped our snowshoes on at trailhead, and got going. There were a ton of snowshoers! Weather was also sunny and 45 degrees+, so we expected the crowd. The hike itself is pretty easy and straight forward, you can just follow an orange rope to guide you. I guess if it was a white-out, socked in day, it might get kinda confusing.

Once we got to the top of Artist Point, there were a ton of people snow camping! We originally had wanted to snow camp, but I was just getting over a cold, and wasn't feeling up to packing for that kinda weekend. (So much gear and preparation is involved with snow camping!)

After we finished romping around, taking a ton of pictures, we headed back to the car early afternoon. Back at the car, we de-layered, dried out our gear as best as possible, and caravanned out of the parking lot and agreed to head towards Silver Lake Park, where we were car camping for the night.

Silver Lake Park is about 45 minutes away from Artist Point and located in the city of Maple Falls. We actually passed the turnoff when we headed to Artist Point, so it is a super convenient location to car camp at, if you don't want to make the 3+ hr drive back to Seattle.

 Cooper frolicking in the snow
 Cute lil cabin in the snow
Karen postholing to the top!
 Photoshoot time!
 Snow level so high, no access to the toilet up top
 No access to the toilet her either...
 Amazing views!
 Mt Shuksan 
 Thanks for the headshot Sarina!
Family pic!

Car Camping Info:
Location: Silver Lake Park in Maple Falls, WA (seems to be open year round)
Cost: $25/night for tent sites
Other info: pit toilets were open and stocked with toilet paper!

We were the only tent campers there that night. It felt like we had the whole campground to ourselves lol. It was nice to be able to relax, sit around the fire, and not be constantly cold. We roasted some veggies and hot dogs, told stories, complained how it got dark too early, and just had a great time hanging with friends.

Overall, it was another great weekend spent outdoors!

Until next time North Cascades!
 Car Camping at Silver Lake Park 
Silver Lake at sunrise


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