Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Weekend Getaway: Port Townsend, WA

 Sunset at Fort Townsend State Park 

Last year for Cody's birthday, he got dragged up Sahale Arm on his 30th because Sarina scored permits and he wasn't overly thrilled about it. So this year, I made sure to keep my schedule clear so he could choose something he actually wanted to do (I'm the best girlfriend ever! Jk jk, I am the worst haha). He ended up picking camping at Port Townsend. It was so much fun exploring a new town in Washington I had yet to explore! A relaxing weekend was much needed for us.

Dates Camped: September 22-23, 2018
Place Camped: Fort Townsend Historical State Park  (not open year round)
Campground Cost: $30/night for site #19 + $10 each extra car
Pass needed for day use: Discovery Pass

Getting to Port Townsend from Lynnwood was easier and closer than I expected! We took an early ferry from Edmonds to Kingston Saturday morning. From Kingston, we got to Fort Townsend before 9:00 AM. Once we picked a campsite, set up our tents, it was still pretty early, so we all lounged around and took a nap before heading into town for lunch.

Our biggest dilemma of the weekend was finding a place to eat in town that allowed dogs. We had 2 dogs with us this weekend. The week prior, Cody and I had done some brainstorming and researching, and came up with the idea of picking up pizza from a local pizza shop, and bringing it to a brewery that's dog friendly.
 Cute lil town
5 star pizza

So Saturday the group headed into town, stopped by Waterfront Pizza, picked up some pies, and headed to Pourhouse with the food. Pourhouse has a giant waterfront patio with umbrellas and a small covered patio, perfect for the 6 of us and 2 dogs! It started raining while we were there but we pretty much stayed dry underneath the umbrellas and awnings.

After lunch, we headed back to town to walk around and look inside the shops. We picked up a few souvenirs here and there, then headed back to camp.

For dinner that night, we roasted hot dogs and ate boxed mac & cheese. We all hung out a lil more and called it a night.
Sunset at Fort Townsend

The following morning we headed back into town for brunch, but the original spot I picked, Blue Moose Cafe, had a 20+ minute wait and was cash only. So we changed location to Spruce Goose Cafe, which is located at the small airport in town, and we were all definitely happy with our change of plans. We ended up eating in the sunshine on the patio while watching fixed winged planes land and take off.

After lunch, we parted ways with the group and headed back to the ferry. Signs leading up to the Kingston Ferry Terminal warned that it was a 2 hour wait. We contemplated driving down and around to get back home, but decided to chance it. We ended up waiting an hour, which wasn't too bad and we got home in the early afternoon.

Overall, it was a relaxing weekend celebrating Cody's birthday in Port Townsend and I definitely want to go back!

Thanks to those who came out to help celebrate Cody's birthday!

Until next time Port Townsend!
Kingston Ferry Terminal 

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