Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Camping at Jumbo Rocks at Joshua Tree National Park

Jumbo Rocks Campground Site #121

Joshua Tree National Park - Hall of Horrors
Dates Camped: December 22-23, 2018
Campground: Jumbo Rocks Campground
Campsite: #121
Fee: $15/night

I had this trip to California to visit family and friends for Christmas booked for a while but didn't actually plan on going to Joshua Tree until the week before Cody and I flew out. I knew I wanted to squeeze in a small adventure while in town, I just didn't know when I had the time. Once I figured out when all my family holiday parties were, I was finally able to hammer out my itinerary!
Jumbo Rocks Campground 

Jumbo Rocks Campground

So the week before our trip, I hopped onto to see if there were any available campsites to book in advance at Jumbo Rocks and there was 1 site left for the date I wanted! So I went ahead and booked it. I had stayed at Jumbo Rocks a few years ago and it had been first come basis, but I guess they changed the campground to reservations only now. Which I do like better since it guarantees you a spot.

That Saturday, my friend Sergio and his girlfriend Kelsey headed out early to enjoy the day at Joshua Tree and hike around before we got there. Cody and I picked up a rental car in Ontario and grabbed my cousin Andrea and hit the road later in the day. We got to Joshua Tree just in time to catch sunset. It was perfect.
Sunset at Jumbo Rocks Campground
Jumbo Rocks behind us 
Kelsey and Sergio at sunset

Government Shutdown on National Parks

The weekend we were there was the first weekend of the "partial government shutdown". The only thing that we noticed that affected us was that there was no one at the entrance of the park collecting the $30 fee to get in or checking if you have a National Park Pass. Sergio had gotten to Jumbo Rocks super early and had already setup his tent at our campsite so we didn't have a problem with someone "squatting" at our campsite. The pit toilet next to our site was also decently clean and stocked with toilet paper. But as I write this, January 2, 2018, I have read that the government has closed all campgrounds at Joshua Tree due to overflowing toilets and trash.

My 2 cents with the government shutdown if you are visiting a National Park: pick up after yourselves and leave it better than you found it.

We got lucky with our camping trip at Joshua Tree recently. But now that the government has been partially shutdown for 11 days and a ton of people using facilities with no one to clean them regularly, it's getting messy. Bring a trash bag and pack your trash out. Pick up any trash you see. The little things help.

I hope the government comes to an agreement soon. It makes me sad that people can't enjoy national parks right now because no one is able to work them and keep them clean. From what i have read, Yosemite is shutdown too.
 Site #121

Campsite Review

My review on campsite #121 at Jumbo Rocks: it was kind of small but we were able to fit 2 big tents and 1 small tent at the site. Rocks were in the way lol. It was decently close to a pit toilet though, so that was convenient!

Until next time Joshua Tree!
Sunrise with a full moon at Joshua Tree National Park 
Sergio and Kelsey
Cody blends right in with the Joshua Tree 
Always fun bringing out my little cousin Andrea
Our favorite road dawg, Sergio!
King of the Mountain!


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